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Service Kings, which franchises under the corporate name of Service Kings Franchises, Inc., has a 22 year history dating back to 1990 when Anthony J. (Tony) Romano, Sr. began a janitorial and carpet cleaning service as a sole proprietor. His learning of the business was pretty much On-the-Job Training.

Tony moved into the restoration business in 1994 when he started A.J.’s Restoration Services. The certification process for this business brought him in contact with officials of the State of California and A.J.’s Restoration was contracted to handle water damage which occurred in 1999 at the office of the California Secretary of State.

That led to other large water damage projects for the State of California and ultimately led to one of the largest restoration projects ever at the State Capitol in Sacramento. That was the result of a big rig (18 wheeler) running into the front of the Capitol and Tony’s company was called in on an emergency basis. The speed and professional manner in which the company provided restoration services for smoke and fire damage throughout the building was a tremendous achievement and resulted in a great reputation for A.J.’s Restoration.

Over the 22 years that Tony Romano has been in this business, he has learned literally every aspect of what it takes to be successful in this business. His decision to franchise Service Kings was a decision to give others the benefit of that learning process. Franchisees will now that the man at the top has literally “been there”, not only from strictly business standpoint, but has personally been in the trenches, has moved the furniture, has handled the complaints, has related to the technicians in the field. It is doubtful that situations may arise for the franchisees that Tony has not handled and the training that the franchisees receive will reflect that.

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